Scooterson RIDE.
The Carefree Ownership.

Ride free without worrying about the burdens of ownership.

From $/mo.

Maintenance FREE.

You will never have to worry about maintenance or repair issues. If the scooter has a problem use the app to notify us and we will change it right away.

Subscribe. Ride. SWITCH.

Can’t match your Ferrari color with your clothes yet? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Switch your scooter model and color anytime from the App and we will deliver your new scooter to your door.

Peace of Mind

Stolen scooter? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Just notify us and we will replace it in no time! Later, a man with a particular set of skills will find the thief and retrieve the scooter.

Valet Services

You are out and suddenly in need of a scooter.
Your plan changed and you don’t need the scooter.
You need one more scooter for a friend.
You need a fully charged scooter.

Wherever you happen to be, our Valet services can take care of all of that.