World's Smartest
Kick Scooter.

From $

Simple yet Brilliant.
Riding Made Easy.

With one-button controls for the easiest operations, and backed by the power of the A.I. algorithms, Elf learns from you. The more you ride, the better your riding experience will be.

Light and Foldable.
Easy to Fit in the Trunk.

Built from light magnesium alloys and automotive grade aluminum Elf is easy to fold and lift in your car trunk without spending time at the gym.

Long-Range Battery with
Smart Power Management.

Riding free through the day without getting the low battery anxiety syndrome.

Scooterson App.
The Perfect Dashboard.

The best display is already on your smartphone. Install the App, and transform your phone in the best scooter dashboard, with the coolest features.

Hybrid Honeycomb

The best of two worlds. Say goodbye to flat-tires, while having the ride feeling of inflatable tires. Embedded in honeycomb tires, there are small air pockets, inflated independently.

Peace of Mind.
Anti-Shenanigans Tech.

Know your Elf+ location anytime using the ‘Find My Scooter’ feature from the Scooterson App. The anti-tampering alarm will send a notification to your phone each time someone tries any shenanigans with your Elf+.

Smart Riding

Elf is always learning from how you ride and it will suggest the best riding modes for improving your battery range on your daily riding paths.

Eye-Catching Colors
Not More. Not Less.

Say no to being invisible and match your scooter color with your fearless personality.


More visibility and safety in the night, while riding in style with the colorful mood-lights of your choice. Just select your preferred colors and light animations from Scooterson App.

And a Few More
Cool Things

For the best riding experience, Elf also has:
Intelligent Adaptive Lights
Charging Reminders
Automatic Day/Night Modes
Remote Lock/Unlock
and many more

Over the Air Updates

Elf+ is cloud-connected via its own embedded LTE cellular module. The SIM Card is included and comes with Free Connected Services for 1 year.

Customer Support
with Remote Diagnosis.

We provide 100% customer satisfaction using the Remote Diagnosis to identify and fix the problem faster.

Scooterson Certified
Partner Stores

Scooterson team provides you with all the materials, training and support needed to open your Scooterson Store, the first and only one in your home town. Partner with us and lets conquer the market together.

Join the Revolution
and be a Scooter Wrangler.

Using Scooterson Sharing Platform you can rent our scooters to customers from the neighborhood. Scooterson team will provide you all the scooters, training and support needed. Quit your boring job and join now!