Ride At The Speed Of Thought.
Learn Instantly.

Start riding the Elf and be surprised how many tricks you can master along the way. The Elf will learn from you and the more you ride it the more information the Elf will gather and store it in the cloud, with this data the Scooterson App will start giving you suggestions on how to improve your riding style.

Why Is Elf So Fun To Ride?
Elf Is Easy.

For the best customer experience we have built a software layer which makes the Elf Intelligent. The software will balance performance and battery range to suit the way you ride it and will notify you when is the best time to charge the battery. There is even more awesome stuff that makes it easy to use and you could also configure everything via the mobile App.

Best Support
No worries.

Although your Elf comes with a year warranty, our customer support is always available to assist you. We have integrated the remote diagnosis to shorten the service turnaround time.

Low Battery Anxiety Syndrome?
Heal it with Elf.

The Scooterson App will remind you when your Elf battery needs to be charged whether you are at home or at work. To provide the best battery life and a range of up to 35Km* the 376Watt/Hour battery pack is filled with thirty High-Power-Density battery cells manufactured by SAMSUNG. For your peace of mind, the battery cells are certified with UL1642, UN38.3 and IEC62133 safety tests and standards.

Scooterson App.
You Are In Control.

Intelligent light,
Smart Riding suggestion,
Charging Reminder,
Remotely Lock/Unlock,
Sharing With Friends,
and many more
with each update.

Efficient Brakes
With ReGen.

To keep the minimalistic design by avoiding visible cables Elf is equipped with highly effective E-Brake which doubles as Regenerative System, transforming the kinetic energy into electricity and store it back in the battery for the maximum power efficiency. For more safety, Elf has the familiar old-school foot break from your childhood, fitted on the rear wheel fender. Simple. Efficient. No fluid. No leaks. No hassle.

Tired Of Soulless Transportation?
Take A Brake For A Joy Ride.

Do you remember the joy of your first ride ever? It was probably on a kick scooter. With the Elf we bring back that joy in every ride and help you escape that pesky bus. If you choose to save the planet by walking and by helping yourself. Elf is eco-friendly and also 6 time faster than walking. After all, you probably don’t want to break a sweat to that meeting.

Smart BMS For
Longer Battery Life

The Scooterson Mobile App allows you to find information about the battery status and health, like cycle count, current capacity and operating temperature, with the voltage of each cell. This is done by installing the cutting-edge Smart BMS (Battery Management System), connected with the on-board computer through the UART communication protocol.

Find my Scooter

Your friends try to prank you by hiding your scooter? You can’t remember where you parked your Elf last Friday night? Your Elf was stolen by aliens?

Scooterson App will find your scooter and you will see its location in the map.

You Want More Oomph?
Programmable Mood-Lights.

More visibility and safety in the night while riding in style with the colorful mood-lights of your choice. Select your preferred colors and light animations from Scooterson App.

Light Frame
Cool Things

The deck board is manufactured from Magnesium Alloy using Precision Casting and CNC-machining. Tested with a 500KG drop-test. The design of the steering column has evolved from the boring straight tube into a curved shape with variable diameter and is manufactured from magnesium alloy using Hydro-forming technology. For better ride safety the board has an embossed anti-slippery rubber pad on top.

New Cool Functions
With Each Update

Over-The-Air Updates are designed to upgrade the Operating System in the Elf+, via the Scooterson App. This ensures the best Scooterson Customer Experience for you.

Faster Customer Support with
Remote Diagnosis.

To shorten the service turnaround in Elf+ we debug the issue remotely, this way our engineers are able to conclude the issues faster without further ado.

Scooterson Trade-In

You just want a different color, or a new model? Whatever it is, when the time comes you can trade in your old Elf and the value amount will be credited from your new purchase.

Join the Sharing Revolution and be a Scooter Wrangler.

Using Scooterson Sharing Platform you can rent our scooters to customers from the neighborhood. Scooterson team will provide you all the scooters, training and support needed. Quit your boring job and join now.